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About Amanda

My name is Amanda Baker.  I deem myself CEO of Brodels Brewing :)  My background is in marketing and event planning and my professional career is in banking. I had never been a beer drinker in the past so that is how we kind of got started.  Craft beer in Indiana has exploded (which is fantastic) but as a non-beer drinker I yearned for another option.  I found myself drinking a lot of hard cider.  I was curious about a local option.  At the time, no one was producing it in the central Indiana area.  I thought it might be fun to try to produce our own.  Since then, I have learned to appreciate beer thanks to a wonderful group I joined called Girls Pint Out.  We have now expanded from cider to beer as well.  I have hopes of one day producing an excellent cider and beer and sharing with all of you!


About Brodels Brewing

Brodels Brewing LLC was founded in March of 2011.  We are a group of friends experimenting in brewing in hopes of taking our process from homebrewing to a commercial setting.  We are concentrating on creating a high quality craft cider.  We are also hoping to dabble in some experimental brews.  Join us on our journey to create something tasty!


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